Monday, September 6, 2010

The New Talking Writing Site Is Live!


Our new site for Talking Writing, a monthly online literary magazine, launched today. Here's our new link:

If you're interested in submitting work to TW, email it to:

All subscribers and fans of the old blog, please come find us here. This old blog will be phased out shortly. To entice you to our new home, here's the cover blurb for TW's September 2010 issue:

Why We Blog: Authors, Trolls, and Thieves

  • Do You Love Blogging—or Hate It? POVs from Four Writers
  • Poetry by Jessica Greenbaum
  • Fiction by Kelcey Parker
  • Stieg Larsson, the Newseum, Ethiopia
  • Writers Who Dance...for the Money They Throw? Cher video!

Our press release for the new TW follows. Help us spread the word!


Cambridge, Mass. September 6, 2010

Talking Writing, a monthly online literary magazine, has released its first issue. A group of professional writers and editors created the new publication to provide a forum for writers to share high-quality work and exchange ideas. “In a time of transformation for print publishers,” says Editor in Chief Martha Nichols, "we want to encourage talk about writing—one of the most creative, scary, nurturing, frustrating, difficult-to-pin-down endeavors around."

Talking Writing features poetry, fiction, reviews, personal essays, visual art, and commentary about writing topics. It also provides space for writers to spread the word about book tours and publishing venues. Each issue of Talking Writing includes a series of blog posts that foster discussion about a specific theme, often exploring challenges that writers confront daily.

September’s theme, “Why We Blog: Authors, Tramps, and Thieves,” covers the joys and dilemmas bloggers encounter. “Blogging can be an abuse of the power that writing provides,” writes Linda Handman in a post entitled, “Why I Don’t Blog.” In “Blogging for Bottle Caps,” Frances Kissling takes the opposite tack, writing, “I love blogging. It’s a social activity akin to sitting around the kitchen table with friends arguing about the day’s news.”

Talking Writing supports those “kitchen table” discussions by encouraging its readers to weigh in on each month’s topic and by featuring some reader comments on the site. “Conversation about writing always ends up being talk about life," says Nichols.

Themes for upcoming issues include:

“Working with Editors: Angels or Devils?”
“The Time Bind: Cramming Writing into Life”
“Kid Stuff: Writing and Buying Books for Children”
“Writing and Music: The Rhythm of Words”
“Crazy People: Writing and Mental Illness”
“Too Much Truth? The Ethics of Memoir Writing”

The premier issues also features an excerpt from a novella in progress by Kelcey Parker, author of For Sale By Owner, a collection of stories forthcoming in February 2011, and poems by Jessica Greenbaum, author of Inventing Difficulty. Greenbaum's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in the New Yorker, Poetry, Partisan Review, and Ploughshares.

“As an increasing number of publications appear online, the editorial vision of magazines is more important than ever in supporting unique journalistic and creative voices,” says Nichols.

Readers will find Talking Writing at



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