Monday, September 14, 2009

WOMEN = BOOKS: A New Blog About Women's Books, Politics, and Life

By Martha Nichols for Talking Writing

I'm happy to announce that WOMEN = BOOKS, the new blog for the Women's Review of Books, is up and running. Check out the first contributor's post by Frances Kissling, "Blogging for Bottle Caps." Frances is a terrific writer and commentator at Salon and RH Reality Check, among other venues, and her piece about the value of blogging for professional writers should strike a chord with many of us toiling in the online world for little pay.

"Use it," she says, "it" being this new dynamic medium for columnists and other writers. Frances argues that blogs provide much more space to discuss ideas than the New York Times. You can publish whenever you want—no more biting your fingernails waiting for an editor to say yea or nay—and perhaps, most important, blogging allows writers to work out their ideas before diving into more complicated print features and opinion pieces.

The blurb for WOMEN = BOOKS follows. Help spread the word by sharing the link, joining the Facebook Group for the Women's Review of Books, and commenting on the blog.

WOMEN = BOOKS: The Women's Review of Books Blog

If ever there were a time for women to connect, it’s now. WOMEN = BOOKS will create an online community that can jump national and cultural boundaries. Women’s Review of Books has always been about jumping barriers: between feminist academics and political organizers, theory and practice. Now WOMEN = BOOKS will extend the print edition’s range, expanding its audience and the conversation about women’s books, politics, and life. The blog will include posts from selected reviewers and authors from each issue. Readers can comment, building a network for intelligent debate about everything from women in the military to abortion rights to childcare to sex trafficking. Blog comments will be moderated, making it a safe place for discussion of controversial topics. WOMEN = BOOKS will be the new go-to link for women’s studies and feminist organizing, using the power of social networking to help keep the women’s movement alive.

Join the conversation at WOMEN = BOOKS. We publish posts by contributing writers, with a new post every week. The blog is edited by Martha Nichols, a long-time contributing editor at WRB. If you would like to write for the blog, please contact Martha.


  1. Thanks for this, Martha. It's an exciting concept and I'll be sure to check it out. Might even put myself forward to write...


  2. Thanks so much for this information. It's one of the things I love most about blogging. I'm always learning about new blogs.

  3. I'm glad to pass along the word. The *Women's Review of Books* is a perfect vehicle for a blog, and we've got great writers posting. If you or any other potential readers are on Facebook, come join the Facebook Group for Women's Review of Books.


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