Friday, July 30, 2010

Coming Soon! A New Format for Talking Writing

Talking Writing is about to become a full-fledged online literary magazine, complete with fiction, poetry, and reviews. TW will still run posts about the writing life and writing process, but we're also expanding to include other kinds of writing.

The first issue in the new format is due out by September 6, 2010. Once the new site goes live, we'll have a new URL:

If you're interested in submitting work to TW, please stay tuned for the first issue, which will include writing guidelines, the editorial masthead, and a list of writing themes for upcoming issues. You can also contact us at the Talking Writing email address.

We're planning to include featured comments from readers. If you have other ideas for how to engage readers and build our writing network, let us know.

Our new blurb follows. Come join us!

Talking Writing:
How Writers Think, How Writers Live. A Literary Zine

Talking Writing is a monthly online literary magazine that encourages creative discussion of the writing process—its challenges, its delights, and the many professional quandaries facing writers online. Each month, TW features the work of one poet, fiction writer, and visual artist or photographer. The magazine also includes reviews of books and movies, and essays about themed writing topics. We are committed to a new kind of magazine, one that provides space for work that is hard to place in print or other mainstream media outlets. First issue: September 2010.


  1. The most sensible prodigeous link to this project I can possibly make is have my college students craft their fall essays around some ideas embedded within here and then let them come on and post snippets of them in community fashion...they write what they live: the harsh, the boring, the beautiful, the awkward...the REAL. It should be interesting. ~Amythyst

  2. Amythyst -- I'm intrigued by this possibility. The new TW site won't have a community forum set-up (at least not right away), but I can think of several ways to do this, including using the TW Facebook page to post related essays.

    If you set up such a community forum, we can also link to it from the TW site.

    Last but not least, we'll be excerpting and featuring comments from readers, so please encourage your students to engage in that way as well (and to submit work!)

    All the best -- Martha

  3. How much of this Talking Writing should actually be revealed? I mean their are some information best kept censored especially talkings aloud that can cause libel. Anyways I am looking forward to the launch!

  4. That sounds really cool. Would you accept submissions published in another blog (my own actually) already?

  5. Dear Fickle--glad you think it's cool. Regarding publishing material from other blogs, yes, we will do that occasionally--and we will also be featuring different blogs. What we prefer, though, is to have a writer publish in TW first. Once the piece has run for that specific issue, a writer is free to re-post it elsewhere (he or she owns the rights). Anyway, we launch next week on September 6 -- hope to see you then!

    Martha @ Talking Writing


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